Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her

The great thing about love Good Night Quotes is that they stem from some of the most articulated poets of all time. Here are Top 30 Good Night Quotes For Her. These good night quotes definitely inspire you to express how you feel about your partner. You can use these good night quotes to surprise her in the night. A sweet and loving message will remind your girlfriend of you. Every girlfriend wants a last wish of night by her boyfriend.

When she read your good night message in her phone, it gives a smile on your on her face. By these love good night quotes you can express your love to your girlfriend. Almost boyfriend may struggle in finding words that beautifully articulate his feeling for her. In this situations Good Night Quotes For Her come quite handy. You should read these good night quotes and share with your girlfriend by social media like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. We are sure these good night quotes will help you to make a smile on her face.
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Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her


Good Night Message For Her:

Sending good night text to your girlfriend is a awesome romantic as well as a great way to wish her a sweet night. You can make a very special night for her to send these sweet good night quotes. If you really love your girlfriend and care her then you will definitely send a love good night text. You can love because it is easy but live in love with your partner for a long time, it is very difficult because of many problem and love issue. In a true love or a good relationship we should care to each other. We should give time for our love and also give some personal time. The Best Collection Good Night Quotes For Her, we are specially providing here for you so that you could live a better life with your girlfriend. We are sure that it will be work.

Best Collection Of The Good Night Quotes For Her

1.NYT” is a very gud time to”REMEMBER”all sweet”Things”&all sweet”PEOPLES” in your “Life”so, sleep well with your”Sweet memories”
Guuuud nyt bby

2. Baby Are you Ready to prty tonyt,with angels & gods love which gives heavenly lite.sleep my baby, sleep tight As ur love wishes u a beautiful gud nyt
Guuuud nyt bby

3.  See Again the nyt has arrived
I remembered to wish you gud nyt
I was sitting under the dark sky &
I saw the moon & remembered u.
Guuuuud nyt bby

Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her

4. I think Something is Going to Happen
Someone is Going to Seen Sweet Dreams
Oh! Moon Slow n Down ur Lyt
As Someone Who is mine Is Going to sleep
Guuuuuuud nyt bby

5.  Stars Started Shining
Moon Started Bloming
Birds Are off to Their Homes
The Soft n Cool Breeze has started
My baby is Going to Sleep
Guuud nyt bby

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6. The Best Medicine in The World Without Any Side Effect is a ‘SMILING FACE’
I Pray That This Medicine Be Always with u
Guuuud nyt bby

7.My Sms May B Late
But it Will B Sweet
It May B short
But it Will B cute
My Msg May Nt Have Perfection But Will Have Afection
Guuuud nyt bby

8. Now Birds r Silent
Butterflyies r Hanging
Sun Is Sleeping
Moon Is Watching U
Its Time 2 Sleep so Close ur eyes??
Guuud nyt bby

S-Say Thank U To The God
L-Lying on The Bed
E-Close ur Eyes
E-End of The Day
P-Plan For The Next Day
Guuud nyt bby

10. In This Cold Nyt in
My Small Room
i Look At The Shining Stars in the Dark Sky & Dream of uR SweetSmiLe on ur Cute Face
Guuud nyt bby

11. One of the most beautiful things you can hear is really  that someone is thinking about you. Because it means you are so special for  him he is curious about you. Good nyt baby.

12. The best thing about every night is that I can dream about you all night long…  Good night my sweetheart

13. Oh! My love when I go for sleep then I think about you only. there is no one for distrube me. Good nyt my love.

Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her

14. I am wishing you a great and sweet night with a lot of kisses and hugs. At this night I wish I could watch you fall asleep.

15. Good Night Gorgeous.
I am so lucky because the most beautiful girl is my girlfriend. Have a sweet dream. I love you so much. I can’t live without you.

16. My sweetheart I want to sleep in your arm at this night because I am missing you so much. You manage to do so many things during the day as well as night. Good Night My love.

17. It doesn’t matter how wonderful my dreams are because they can’t compare that moment which I spent with you. I can’t wait to wake up because I am so excited to meet you . Good Night My Sweetheart.

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18. Everything changes in this world but my love for you never change. It was, is and forever will be same. Gud nyt

19. There are many star in the sky so this night is so quiet. I am standing near window and looking the moon in the sky and also thinking about you my love. Good Nyt my angel.

20. Nothing can compare to your adorable beauty. You are the most beautiful girl in this world who born only for me. I love you endlessly.

21. Every night I want to sleep with you because it gives me a lot of pleasure. I love you so much in this world.
Good Night My love.
Sleep well at night and take care.

Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her

22. During the day I have been thinking about you. And it appears that I can’t stop to think about you at now. Gud nyt.

23. My princess, you are perfect to me. I recall your angel face, big blue eyes and sweet voice. I am lying awake and thinking about you. Gud night my angel.

24. Although we are so far away to each other but I still can imagine you are lying near to me. Gud Nyt.

25. This is night. And now I am sending a good night message. This message is definitely a gaurantee that you will have a sweet dream. Love you.

26. My dear love you are only one who can light my nights up. I can’t lost you. I am sending a lot of hug, sweetest kiss, the cutest cuddle and warmest snuggle.Good night.

27. I searched internet for the best words I can use to call my angel. I got my answer. It is whatever my hearts wants. Gud night.

28. Every Night I would like to hear the word “Good Night My love”
Sweet dream
Take Care

29. Before I fall asleep I would like to see your face. I would like to see your lovely eyes which makes me feel awesome.

Best 30 Good Night Quotes For Her- Good Night Text For Her


30. My dear love, the sun set in the west the sun beam hides on the bed sheets and now the moon shines in the sky. It is very lovely moment. I wish I could sleep with you.

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